Brent Metcalf
I like to draw. Always have. Give me a blank napkin, or paper table cloth and I can’t let it sit. I have to doodle something on it. I can’t leave a clean, white space undrawn upon! 

I’ve also read and collected comics and comic strips since the earliest years.  Starting with Peanuts, then on to Garfield, MAD magazine, Popeye, Bloom County, Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes, and various Marvel and DC comics.  So it was only natural that I’d eventually find myself making my own comics.

I went to school with the intent of becoming a comic book illustrator, but I fell into a technology career.   You’d be hard pressed to find two nerdier careers, and now I’ve found a way to blend technology and comics by putting comics on the web!  Genius!

I’m also interested in other such nerdy endeavors as video games, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, and animation.  It’s this kind of nerdiness that we’re pouring into Level Up.

I also work on the webcomic Espresso Yourself, and you can find more of my art at

Muncher Woods
Loving all things geeky and having a best friend who can draw cool pictures make writing a fantasy comic a no-brainer. Which also makes me immune to zombies. I’ve been writing since first grade when I won a school-wide award for my story about a boy who found out he had magic powers.

The Dragonlance series sparked my love of fantasy. My favorite Saturday morning cartoon was Dungeons & Dragons and I’ve been playing Magic the Gathering since Beta.

I’ve lived in seven states, most notably Montana where I communed with buffalo and Missouri where I now occasionally eat their wings.