CMO – Chief Magic Officer

Intelligence: 16
Strength: 8
Spider Resistance: 1

Tobias is a terribly average wizard and also chief magic user of his own adventuring company. He started Level Up, Inc., out of a genuine interest in helping others.  Now he leads his wacky band of characters out of the office and into the fantasy realms to help others fulfill their Quests . . . for a modest fee, of course. (Crippling fear of spiders notwithstanding)

Head of Security and Monster Engagement

Intelligence: 16
Strength: 13
Level headedness: 18

Cam is the enthusiastic, no-nonsense warrior and co-leader of Level Up. She helps keep Tobias on track and aims to get things done.  She can sometimes be a little pushy, and also a little stabby.

Coconut Dave
Item Reclamation Specialist & Wealth Redistribution Artist 

Dexterity: 17
Pluckiness: 18
Height: Don’t ask

Coconut Dave is an exuberant and good-natured halfling rogue. Clever, mischievous, and without a malicious bone in his body, he is often oblivious to the consequences of his actions. Dave is a handy man: handy with lock picks, pliers, sleight of hand, hand stands, hand waving, hand-me-downs, and handsomeness.

Private Eye
(but don’t call him that to his face)

Wisdom: 15
Charisma: 6
Eye rays: plethrora

Wendling is surly, and not entirely happy with his lot in life. He is a true detective, but hard times have landed him in the office manager role at Level Up. Thanks to his powerful eye-stalks he’s the Swiss army knife of the company. They almost make up for the fact that he doesn’t have hands.

Medic &
Religious Studies Expert

Wisdom: 16
Constitution: 15
Smite: Devastating

Serrah is an angelfolk hailing from the floating cities of Arres. Few angelfolk deign to visit terra firma, but she is excited by the adventuring prospects of working with Level Up. Being an outsider, she’s not always aware of terrestrial customs, but don’t make fun of her or you’ll be facing the business end of a smite evil.

CBA – Certified Barbarian Accountant

Strength: 16
Intelligence: 9
Accounting: (9² + 3³) – √8100

While his skills as a barbarian are largely redundant because of his sister, Cam, no one can work mathemagic quite like he can.  Serving as the company accountant, Gronk likes cracking skulls and raging at tax codes.